Red Hat Bistro

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Stars: ****

1 Bridge St
Irvington, NY 10533

My boyfriend and I were out for a walk along the trail that runs by the Hudson River. We both wanted to grab a drink and hang out by the water. By chance we came across Red Hat. We definitely weren’t dressed for the restaurant, but with the spectacular views, we couldn’t resist. We got a table outside, ordered a beer & wine, fries, and watched the sunset. It was great!

I had the shiraz/cab to drink. It was okay – table wine. At $13/glass it was slightly expensive, otherwise I would’ve gotten another one. The bf had the Captain Lawrence IPA.

Four stars for the location & the fries! I had a great fries place near my old apartment and I’m glad I found Red Hat yesterday. Their fries are just the right amount of crispy. A never-ending supply would’ve made this perfect. Definitely coming back to try the food!

Temple of Ankh

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Stars: ****

58 Clinton St
Manhattan, NY
Aww this place is nice! There’s a number of hookah places on the LES but it’s hard to find the right one. The bf and I are super picky when it comes to our hookah. Well, not the hookah itself, but the atmosphere. I don’t want loud music and screaming drunk people. I also don’t want it to be so quiet that you can hear me breathe smoke.

Temple of Ankh had the perfect balance. We went there after a delightful dinner at WD50. We wanted something low key and relaxing. We were slightly disappointed they didn’t have any alcohol, but from previous reviews it looks like they don’t have a liquor license yet.

The decor is nice. Painted red walls, Ikea tables, Middle Eastern covers – super simple, but it does the job. The waitress is a little unattentive, but it was also a Wednesday and we were the only 2 people there. The bf loved it so much he kept trying to wave people to come in, haha. We ordered the mint (our usual is mango) and sat back and talked and relaxed. It was also happy hour, so the hookah was $7. holla!

Great little place! Now only if they served beer & wine.

WD 50

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Stars: *****

50 Clinton St
New York, NY
Birthday + Kitchen Tour + Meeting Wylie + Having dinner with my boyfriend at WD50 = amazing night. The bf was kind enough to make reservations well in advance (you can supposedly only make reservations 30 days in advance, by the way). By the time he called, the only time slots available were 6pm and 10pm, so we decided to go with the 6pm and grab drinks afterwards.

I did not expect WD50 to be on the LES in the midst of dive bars and a hookah place. The two of us were also extremely over dressed, but hey, it was my birthday. We were promptly seated after we arrived and we scanned the menu. The bf got the seat facing the kitchen & for the first few minutes we tried to get a glimpse of Wylie.

Then we ordered (all at once because the entrees take a while to make – according to the waitress):

Food: Broccoli & Chedder Soup, Crab Roll, Wagyu Steak, Lamb Skirt Steak, and Coconut Ice cream dish.

Drinks: pH, Celery Tonic (don’t recall the actual name), Damson in Distress

We started out with the sesame crackers – they make a mess! They’re good to munch on though while you’re waiting for your food.

Broccoli Soup – it was pretty good. It was slightly cold which I wasn’t a fan of, but I was also glad it wasn’t super hot. The chedder cheese crisp was amazing! It had a great crispy texture and the cheese still melted in your mouth. The pickled onions were a great addition to the soup – I never thought they’d go together.

Crab Roll – eh. The crab roll tasted like something you’d get at a good Chinese restaurant. The flavors weren’t there. You couldn’t taste the crab either.

Wagyu Steak – holy wow. I’m not a big steak eater and try to avoid it most of the time, but how can you not get steak when you’re at WD50? So I had the bf order it, haha. It was so tender and juicy. Cooked medium rare to perfection. It just melted in your mouth. The bf’s friend took him to Ruth’s Chris for steaks before – Wylie vs Ruth Chris – we can all guess the winner.

Lamb skirt steak – it was really good as well. Again, good to perfection and it also melted in your mouth. It could’ve used a bit more flavor. I think the best part of this dish was the pickled onions that came with it. It changed the flavors completely and made it so so much better.

The ice cream dish were great too. Just rich and delicious. We also had a special surprise of having an edible cocunt cake for my birthday. I had to blow out the candle quickly otherwise the methol-tasting thing would have melted. It had a great cooling effect on the mouth though.

The drinks – pH and the celery one were both good. The Damson in Distress was way too strong. I couldn’t even drink it.

Ask for the kitchen tour – Wylie is super down to earth and will take out the time to say hello. The kitchen is pretty impressive too.

Next time I’m definitely trying the tasting menu! The money is worth it!

Craft Bar

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Stars: *****

43 E 19th St
New York, NY

Absolutely amazing. My boyfriend brought me here on Valentine’s day weekend and we had a blast. He’s not much of a “foodie” but loved everything. We had the sausage and the salami to start. Both were melt in your mouth good. Well seasoned and absolutely delicious. We decided to split the chicken after since we were bar hopping before and weren’t too hungry. It fell right off the bone. Our waitress was wonderful too. Only complaint was the jalapeno drink had a really bad after taste.

Otherwise…a truly wonderful experience, especially on one of the busiest weekends. I would definitely come back.

Cafe Tandoor Inc

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19 N Broadway
Tarrytown, NY

Stars: ***

The name has changed to Swagat.

A few friends and I went out there for dinner last night for my boyfriend’s birthday. We had a wonderful meal. We had meat and veggie samosas to start. The veggie ones were yummy. The two boys then ordered chicken tikka masala and they said it was the right amount of spicy. I ordered the chicken makhani and couldn’t stop eating it. And the other friend had chicken korma, which she enjoyed as well. Also, get the garlic naan!

The best part is that this place is byob and its located right next to Brute! Definitely going back for more makhani.

Bridge View Tavern

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Stars: **

226 Beekman Ave
Sleepy Hollow, NY

My boyfriend and I stopped by here for lunch and we were greeted by a guy who seemed to be the owner. He was super friendly (probably because we were rocking Penn State gear) and lead us to the back to be seated for dinner. This was our 2nd time there – the 1st time we came for drinks with a friend.

The first time for drinks: The bartenders are super attentive and refill your glass quickly. We got there relatively early (after dinner at Ruth’s Chris) and seemed like a slow night, but the bar got packed by 10pm. The bar area is a small little place that can probably fit 10 people standing across. However, the dining room is a bit bigger and the views of the Hudson River from the bar are definitely worth it.

The 2nd time we came for dinner, on a Sunday, and the food was okay. The boyfriend had a veggie burger & I had the wings with a side of coleslaw. The wings didn’t fall of the bone as nicely as I would’ve liked and the wing sauce was just okay. The sauce could’ve been spicier, the wings could’ve been warmer, the coleslaw could’ve been more slaw-like rather than just shredded cabbage.

It’s definitely a great place to hang around and grab a beer though. I’m excited to see what the place is like in the summer. Sunsets & beer = happiness! Supposedly they hold BBQs in the parking lot across the street!

Equus Restaurant Castle At Tarrytown

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Stars: **

400 Benedict Ave
Tarrytown, NY

My boyfriend and I went to Equus for Hudson Valley Restaurant Week / his birthday. I was super excited that his birthday landed on restaurant week so we could check out this really pricey restaurant.

The ambience is fit for a prince & princess. You roll up in your carriage (or Honda) and they valet it for you. You go inside, give them your name, and sit in a little waiting room. Then, we were brought upstairs to a beautiful dining area.

We had bread to start and then chose of the prix-fix restaurant week menu. I had the French Onion soup & the BF had the pear salad. The soup had a nice warming effect for the cold, wintery March day.

I had the pork loin for the entree and the BF had the chicken. According to the BF the chicken was okay. We had been to Craft in NY the month before and he said it didn’t compare, but it was worth the restaurant week prices. The pork loin was okay as well. It could’ve used a bit more seasoning and some “pzazz”.

For dinner we both had the butterscotch creme brulee. Definitely the highlight of the meal.

We had 2 wines that were paired with the meal, but they arrived a bit late for the entree course, so we didn’t actually get to pair them. Service was okay, but I’m guessing it was becaues it was a full house & it was restaurant week.

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